AI Tools & Courses for Your Business

These are offered by MindshareLA co-founder Douglas Campbell. He works with clients to incorporate AI & automations into their processes & workflows, teaching them to use technology to boost their efficiency & creativity.

Build an AI Assistant for Your Business

Create a AI assistant: save time, spark creativity, grow your business…all on a shoestring budget!

Designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing pros, and any business entity with limited time and budget, AI for Brands & Businesses introduces you to custom GPTS, the latest ChatGPT development, to enhance business processes.

Grow your audience with high quality, engaging, and consistent content.

Develop a program idea, validate it, and get paid before producing all the content.

Go from a loose idea to a full book, published on Amazon, in under 30 days.


The 1 Week Content Inspiration Calendar

Use AI to magically provide inspiration for a 1 week content calendar based on your answers!

The Prompt Prompter

I created a custom GPT that helps you craft better prompts for your business or area of interest. 

The ChatGPT Tone Generator

Analyze the writing style of existing authors, or of provided text, to train future AI chat sessions on!

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Douglas. For over 20 years I’ve been a brand, design & digital marketing consultant for awesome companies, thought leaders and game-changing entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with dozens of small companies, early stage startups, and content creators to help them refine, package and promote their unique offerings.

My life mission is to help people with great ideas refine their stories and communicate them in a concise and engaging way, creating a valuable experience for their audience and a profitable outcome for my clients.

I’ve worked with 100s of clients, coaches and published multiple books myself—including an Amazon #1 bestseller in the Travel Tips category! It all starts with an idea, and then the work really begins, so I’m excited to offer these webinars for FREE!